A styled console table is the perfect way to fill an empty wall and add your own bit of personal style to a space. But decorating a console table requires a delicate balances of shapes, sizes and textures.

Read on for 8 console table decor ideas and how to get the look.

Use a Mirror to Magnify Light

A staple piece for any console table decor, a large mirror will help your space feel more open and bright. Consider different shapes for your console table decor. A large round mirror is a classic staple, but an arched mirror can make an equally powerful impact. Also play with the placement: mirrors don’t have to stand front and center. For a modern take, place one on the left or right side of your console, paired with large framed art.

Add a Pop of Color with Art

Speaking of art, if you’re looking to make a statement, large scale art is your best friend. Like mirrors, you can hang a large piece (or pair) over the middle of your console, or opt to switch it up by moving it to the side. If you’re working with a canvas, consider resting it on the table and leaning it up against the wall instead of hanging it.

Define the Space with Lighting

Lamps and scones are a great way to define the edges of your console table and make the perfect complement to an off-center piece of art. Table lamps are, of course, a classic choice for their ease of placement, but consider wall-mounted scones as well, which look lovely on each side of a large piece of art or mirror.

Bring in Natural Greenery

Don't have a green thumb? No problem! High quality faux greenery can look just as good as the real stuff! Adding in some greens will give your space life and a varied texture to help balance out your look.


Add Height with Books, Candles, & Boxes

The key to good console table decor is to create an effortless look of varied size, material and color. If part of your table is falling flat, it’s time to add some height! 
Taper candles are the easiest way to do this, and they pair well with large scale art and mirrors. If your other decor is needing a lift, look to books and decorative boxes to act as pedestals of sorts.

Polish Off Your Look with Decorative Objects

For the final touch, add your own unique personality to your console table decor with decorative objects. Big and small, these decor items give your console table life and interest. Need help rounding up all the little things that collect by the door, consider a bowl (tip: sit it atop a stack of books for added height!), which serves as an easy drop zone for keys, wallets and more.

January 13, 2023