Tis the season for houseguests!

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to dust off those throw pillows and start prepping for visitors. With just a few simple updates you can transform your guest room into a luxe retreat for friends and family.
These are our favorite guest room essentials that will upgrade your space from comfortable to first class.


Must-Have Guest Room Essentials

1 | Upgraded Linens and Pillows

The guest bedroom is often the afterthought of the house. And in all fairness, if your guest room doesn’t see that much action during the year, it’s easy to overlook upgrades like luxury linens and pillows. But just like a hotel stay, what do you remember most when staying away from home?
That's right. The bed!
Ditch the budget sheets and give your guests a truly luxurious hotel experience. Aim for cotton sheets with a thread count of at least 300 for that soft, buttery feel. And don’t forget to fluff the pillows too. Swap out the old cotton ones for down, hybrid or memory foam inserts.


2 | Catch All for Small Items

When you’re away from home and living out of a suitcase, it can be easy to misplace items, especially the small ones. Add our Scalloped Marble Bowl to your guest nightstand to serve as a quick catch all for jewelry, headphones, or other tiny items.


3 | Framed Wi-Fi Password

Do you have one of those wi-fi passwords that 60,000 characters long? Ease frustration and allow your guests to skip the awkward “what’s your wi-if password?” convo by framing your wi-fi password and placing it in a conspicuous location.
Place it in one of our favorite frames for a lovely and welcoming presentation.


4 | A Touch of Greenery

Guest room decor can remain fairly minimal, but nothing refreshes a space quite like a touch of greenery! Pop one of our Faux Fern Drop-Ins into a unique pot like our Phoebe Hobnail Planter to help an otherwise stale space feel vibrant and lived in.


5 | Luxe Bath Accessories

After your guest bed, the next most important guest space is the bathroom. Give your guest bath a luxe hotel feel with stylish accessories like our Evangeline Marble Soap Dispenser or Glass Bath Canisters filled with essentials like cotton swabs, rounds or bath salts.



6 | Mini Toiletry Kit

Last but not least, be prepared in case your guests forget a few items. Head to the travel-size toiletry aisle and stock up on mini soaps, lotions, toothpaste and more. Keep this mini toiletries accessible for guests, but also neatly tucked away by stashing them in our perfectly sized Marilyn Lidded Basket.
With a small investment in these few guest room essentials, you’ll transform your home from a simple spare bedroom to a haven for friends and family. Next year they might even be fighting over who gets to stay at your house.


October 26, 2022